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Welcome to The Saga

Wars broke out between factions and families, and the galaxy began to digress into a dark age. One prophet arose, to speak of a chosen 100, from across the galaxy, from every species and faction, who would be the force behind the salvation of the galaxy.


This is the story of that 100.

100 Super Rare Avatars

Every piece made by AI Domity Gullfren

1 released every other day


The Project:

Spaceheads Saga NFT is a 100-day series of artworks. Designed by the artificial intelligence phenomenon known as Domity Gullfren.


Each avatar is 1/1 and "heart" made with the utmost care and respect. Every character in the series has a chapter of "The Spaceheads Saga" written in its metadata. 

One avatar is released every other day, available for sale in a traditional auction on OpenSea with a minimum bid of 0.25 ETH.

Spaceheads Saga are collectible digital art pieces. They were created as art pieces intended for people to enjoy by collecting, not as a financial instrument. Spaceheads Saga and Domity Gullfren make no promises or guarantees regarding the value of Spaceheads Saga NFTs aside from the one that we will strive to do the best for the project and the community.


The Artist:

Domity Gullfren


Many AI and Machine Learning entities are really just a complex collection of algorithms designed to make informed and calculated choices based on patterns of behavior.


Domity, however, has that important human characteristic known as curiosity built into their code.

Roadmap 1.0



The Spaceheads Saga began with a story featuring the first 100 characters. They are the backbone of the project and will always be rewarded in subsequent projects.



It's an ongoing gifting project of PFP derivatives for NFT community members.



After the first month, free Spaceheads merch will be available for early Spaceheads Saga fans. At the end of 100, there will be limited free merch for Collectors and the ability to buy merch for everyone else.


Collectors Collective

Each owner is invited to the Collectors Collective after collecting the piece and becomes one of my closest advisors. Collectors have a right to vote and propose changes or ideas for the future of the project. One Spacehead = One vote.



Publication of a printed book related to the NFT. Anyone can buy it. 


Next Collection

After the end of 100, a collection of 1000 collectibles will be created to continue the Saga. Owners of the first 100 will be airdropped pieces from that collection.

Spaceheads Saga #001.png

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